50 Min. + Cascadas Suspendidas With Pica Pica

Enjoy a 50 min. treatment from our Spa menu, followed by the Cascadas Suspendidas experience, and top the experience with a tasty Pica Pica; a natural juice of the day and three healthy nimble tapas prepared by our chef for the occasion.

Start & Finish

Cancellation policy

Modification and/or cancellation free up to 24 hours in advance. Conversely, the total will be charged.

Privacy and security policy

All electronic devices (including cameras & smartphones) are forbidden in all treatment areas.

The treatment lasts about 45 minutes, but the total experience (taking into account check-in and change, etc) can last about 1 hour. Subsequently, you will be accompanied to our, bar, lounge or restaurant to enjoy the gastronomic experience. The treatment is not suitable for pregnant women, people with disabilities or serious health problems, and children with height under 1.50m.

Have you heard about the Cascadas Suspendidas Spa experience? The Cascadas Suspendidas are an outdoor Spa treatment to enjoy in Ibiza, at the best Spa La Posidonia Spa Ibiza. This amazing and unique outdoor treatment is a bless for both mind and body. It relaxes the mind through the disconnection from technology and location and design, and physically you will find relaxation as high pressured water jets massage your body and muscles. The Cascadas Suspendidas can be enjoyed with Pica-Pica, Cascadas Suspendidas with Lunch and Cascadas Suspendidas with Dinner. You can add interior treatment time to these packages to enjoy before the outdoor experience. Enjoy a relaxing moment in Ibiza in Ibiza’s best Spa.