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Spa Packages

Enjoy unique combinations of treatments, therapies and rituals, some combines with gastronomic experiencies.

Cascadas Suspendidas with Pica-Pica

The Cascadas Suspendidas in combination with therapies and the Pica-Pica.

The Pica-Pica is a natural juice of the day and three healthy nimble tapas prepared by our chef for the occasion.


Cascadas Suspendidas with Lunch

The Cascadas Suspendidas in combination with therapies and a gastronomic lunch experience.

We also offer vegan and vegetarian options.


Cascadas Suspendidas with Dinner

The Cascadas Suspendidas in combination with therapies, and a magnificient gastronomic evening.

For dinner, we also propose vegan and vegetarian options.


Very special packs

We hereby propose a unique blend of experiences, combining the Cascadas Suspendidas with a Yoga class or facial treatments from Skineuticals.

We also offer facial treatments combined with products from SkinCeuticals at a discounted rate.


With the exception of the Cascadas Suspendidas, you may enjoy our therapies individually. Book the treatments here.

La Posidonia, Spa, Ibiza offers one of the best Spa experiences in Ibiza. The Cascadas Suspendidas are an outdoor Spa treatment consisting in eight different pools heated at different temperatures. It is a physiscal and psychological Spa experience. This exclusive Spa experience is to be enjoyed with a loved one, and three packages are offered: Cascadas Suspendidas with Pica-Pica, Cascadas Suspendidas with Lunch and Cascadas Suspendidas with Dinner. The Cascadas Suspendidas are located in La Posidonia Spa Ibiza. La Posidonia, Spa, Ibiza is located in the amazing Ibiza resort the Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza.