The Cascadas Suspendidas

The Cascadas Suspendidas are an outdoor treatment consisting of 8 different pools heated at different temperatures which provide high pressure hydro jet massages starting from the soles of your feet and finishing with your head.

The treatment lasts 45 minutes, but the total experience (taking into account check-in, the time you change, etc.) can last about 1 hour. It is not suitable for pregnant women, people with disabilities or serious health problems, and children with height under 1.50m.

Cascadas Suspendidas

With Pica-Pica

The Pica-Pica is a natural juice of the day and three healthy tapas prepared by our chef for the occasion.

  • 45 minutes + Pica-Pica
  • 75€ per person
  • Start between 15:00 & 17:30

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With Lunch

Lunch consists of a delicious three course Menu Lúdico prepared by our chef for the occasion. Drinks are not included.

  • 45 minutes + Lunch
  • 95€ per person
  • Start between 12:30 & 14:30

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With Dinner

Dinner consists of a delicious three course Menu Lúdico prepared by our chef for the occasion. Drinks are not included.

  • 45 minutes + Dinner
  • 110€ per person
  • Start between 17:30 & 18:50 (could be earlier depending on the time of the season).

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SkinCeuticals Facial Treatments

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  • FACIAL EXPRESS CARE discover SkinCeuticals
    20 min · 45€
  • CORRECTOR anti-aging
    60 min · 125€
  • LUMINOSITY for dull skin or irregular tone
    60 min · 125€
  • INTENSIVE MOISTURIZING for skin with dehydration signs
    60 min · 125€
  • DETOX for combined skin or skin with signs of stress
    60 min · 125€
  • SOOTHING for sensitive skin
    60 min · 125€
  • PERFECTER for men’s skin
    60 min · 125€
    1 hour & 30 min · 180€

SkinCeuticals Corporal Treatments

Book Now SkinCeuticals Corporal

  • CORPORAL SCRUB bi-functional
    Express protocol for rough textured and not uniform skins
    30 min · 65€
  • INTENSIVE FIRMING & rejuvenating body treatment
    Suited to restore the firmness and the density of the body skin
    1 hour & 30 min · 185€
  • INTENSIVE RENEWAL & lighting body treatment
    To get intense luminosity and hydration of the body skin
    1 hour & 30 min · 185€
  • EXPERT ANTI-AGE SkinCeuticals
    A SkinCeuticals experience from head to toe: Intensive renewal and lighting body treatment, & Facial treatment corrector anti-aging
    2 hours & 30 min · 275€

Hour of Magic

All the treatments in this section last 60 minutes and cost 120 € per person.

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  • Relaxing
  • Lomi-Lomi
  • Balinese
  • Thai
  • Deep-tissue
  • Ayurveda
  • Slimming massage
  • “Youthfulness” facial massage
  • Relaxing and firming facial massage

Half an Hour of little Pleasures

All the treatments in this section last 30 minutes and cost 65 € per person

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  • Healthy Back
    Pain relief massage for back, neck and shoulders
  • Healthy Hair
    Specific massage and treatment for hair and scalp – highly relaxing, moisturizing, strengthening and nurturing
  • Comfort for Legs
    Special treatment to relieve swollen and heavy legs, stimulating blood circulation
  • Cranial massage
    Mental relaxation
  • Beautiful Eyes
    Revitalizing and rejuvenating treatment for eyes
  • Beautiful feet
    Exfoliation, wrap, massage, hydration
  • Beautiful hands
    Exfoliation, wrap, massage, hydration
  • Relaxing abdominal massage
  • Feet Reflexology

We remind you that all hotel pools and terraces are exclusive for resident guests. As an external client, you may access our Spa and our restaurant with prior reservation. All clients must sign a health questionnaire before using our services. It is not allowed in the Spa the entry of animals, food or beverages. Mobile phones are forbidden in treatment areas. To prevent loss or damage, we advise clients not to bring valuables or delicate items to leave in the lockers.

Cancellation Policy: for any booking modification or cancellation we ask you to advise 24 hours prior to the appointment. Conversely, the total of the treatment(s) will be charged.